Aquadiva - Business Administration Manual
This guide will walk you through the basics of using data dissemination.



1. Overview


Party package is managing all kinds of entities such as people, organizations, projects and etc. it is also managing the relationship between them. For example, one person is a part of a project for a certain duration. Furthermore, it is able to connect to the other modules which now it is connected to the security module and also it is able to import the definitions such as “partytypes”, “customattributes” and “relationshiptype” from an XML file.



2. Manage Parties


Through Manage Parties you can see all the available entities, create, edit and delete theme. The red warning icon in action required column shows that this party needs some relationships to be valid.




2.1. Create and Edit


After click on Create Party in Manage Parties in first step you should select party type and its date range. Click on Next you will navigate to the next step.


Here depends on the selected party type you will see some additional attributes. You have to fill the required fields.

To edit a party you will navigate to this page again. You are able to change all the fields except party type.

2.2. Manage Relationship

Every party could have some relationships with the other parties. If you don’t define relationships, the party will be saved but it’s not valid. You can add relationship later as well.

Party relationships tab in edit or create party is to manage these relationships.


To create a new relationship, click on create and you see the following window. Here you see all the available party relationship types depend on the definitions which we already defined. The numbers in parentheses shows the number of current relationships and the maximum relationships that this party to this relationship type can have.


Clicking on one of them, you see some more options and available parties to make relationship.

Selecting a party it asks you to enter some information and by default it fills some of the fields. Title here is the title of this relationship, start and end date are important and will set the duration of this relationship. This duration should be fit to the duration of source party and the target party otherwise you will face to an error.


Clicking on edit icon (pencil figure) on last column of each relationships, you are able to edit the relationship. And clicking on the view icon (eye figure), you are able to see the detail of a relationship.

Clicking on delete icon (trash figure) on last column of each relationships, you are able to delete a relationship if the minimum cardinality of its relationship type preserved.

3. Account Registration

After creating an account, other information of user will save in party package . Before using this page we shoud set some configuration to clear the allowed party types which are related to the account and also the relationships which you want to ask user in registration page.